Tuesday, May 13, 2008

My wedding stuff

wedding update brochure- my favorite DIY project so far
Meet the guests & welcome letter

My Dress, shoes, & necklace
My logo
My save the dates My invites

Postcards for our guests
My ring

fans for the ceremony
ceremony location
hotel -catalonia riviera maya
Gifts for my honorary bridesmaids

cups for guests
first aid kits for OOT bags
OOT bags
DIY medicine packets & chapstick


Michelle Stacey said...

hey i have the same necklace. JC Penny/Monet2?

Morgan said...

Mine came from kohls, but I think that was the same brand. The flowers looked like starfish to me, so I felt like it fit my beachy theme.

LeighAnn said...

Hi Morgan. I am gettingh married in June at the Cat and loved everything that you did! I tried to find the templates but can't seem to locate them. Could you help? I would really appreciate anything you could do to assist!

Thanks! Leigh Ann